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How-to Fix LibreOffice Spell Check with Hunspell

Today is all about how-to fix LibreOffice Spell Check with Hunspell -  a spell check file that doesn't always get installed with the LibreOffice core. This is a generic dictionary file which LibreOffice uses as a default spellcheck tool.  Why this isn't automatically installed every time I haven't yet found the answer for. I do know a quick manual installation fixes the problem.

False Keyphrase Errors in Yoast SEO

Useful as the plugin can be, you sometimes get false keyword errors in Yoast SEO. It may be irritating, but they know about it.

The Essential Short Guide to Web Content Strategy and Planning Out Now

Our first publication of 2021 is available now: The Essential Short Guide to Web Content Strategy and Planning . You can find it at Amazon , Kobo and Apple Books as well as the Proactivity Press online shop .

End of Life for Adobe Flash

It's taken years longer than it should but it's finally here: the end of life for Adobe Flash. Go to the Adobe Flash Player EOL General Information Page for the announcement we've all been waiting for:

Brexit Deal Immortalises Netscape

Page 921 of the last, last, last minute Brexit deal immortalises Netscape. A section on encryption technology includes a description of Netscape Communicator and Mozilla Mail as "modern" services.  It's reassuring to know that the top bureaucrats stewarding our digital economy are as up to date as 1997.

How-to: Choosing Good Domain Names

There's a small digression in our latest Essential Short Guide to WordPress where we stop to talk about choosing good domain names. Here are some tips and traps to be aware of when choosing yours.