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How-to: VirtualBox Networking NAT Mode (2021)

Continuing our VirtualBox series, here's how-to: VirtualBox NAT Network Mode updated for 2021. This is taken from The VirtualBox Networking Primer in paperback and Kindle Ebook formats on Amazon as well as ebooks on Kobo and Apple Books. Let's take a look at VirtualBox Networking Modes beginning with Not Attached and Network Address Translation (NAT).

The "Amazon £1000 Cancellation" Scam

Last year's Amazon Prime subscriptions scam has moved on to the "Amazon £1000 Cancellation" Scam for 2021. Criminals posing as Amazon customer services are still sending out automated phone calls about Prime Subscriptions. The aim is to get people to press 1 to talk to a customer service representative phishing for personal details. Today I discovered they've expanded their repertoire.

How-to: Configure VirtualBox Networking Adapters (2021)

Updating one of the most popular series of posts in this blog, this is a new how-to: configure VirtualBox networking adapters. Taken from the book The VirtualBox Networking Primer - Connecting and Configuring Virtual Machines , we'll update some more VirtualBox networking topics in future posts.

Firefox Resets Automatic Updates

Firstly, a recap of an old rant. Then the even more annoying discovery that Firefox resets automatic updates.

Sampler from 'Web Content Strategy and Planning'

From our newest Essential Short Guide , this is a sampler from 'Web Content Strategy and Planning'

How-to Fix LibreOffice Spell Check with Hunspell

Today is all about how-to fix LibreOffice Spell Check with Hunspell -  a spell check file that doesn't always get installed with the LibreOffice core. This is a generic dictionary file which LibreOffice uses as a default spellcheck tool.  Why this isn't automatically installed every time I haven't yet found the answer for. I do know a quick manual installation fixes the problem.