Audacious re-install of Karmic

The disastrous lack of stability finally got to me. Too many strange things, lock-ups, crashes... Audacity going AWOL at random intervals, to the point where you have to kill the process, the crash recovery doesn't work any more and the saved project file locks up when re-opened!!

Time to bite the bullet and re-install Karmic on the Dell....

Take a look at the previous post about upgrading your operating system, the rules are the same.
  • make sure everything on data partitions is backed up and up to date
  • download a new Karmic live CD for install.
  • make a list of applications.
  • log all disk partitions by name and UUID, where you can see it during the install.
  • run the Ubuntu install
  • do not tick the box "format partition" unless its a system partition (/, /boot, /usr) to preserve your data.
After install:
  • amended my sources list
  • added the repo keys
  • ran update manager
  • worked through my programs list using combination of command-line, Synaptic and the Ubuntu software centre (use whatever gets the job done fastest).
I update my sources list and import keys using a terminal session. Software centre doesn't give you a lot of info about what its doing, so I don't use it much. I mostly use synaptic so I don't have to type or track dependencies. However I do always open the terminal from synaptic so I can see what its up to.

Result: complete clean reinstal inside an hour and a half and what do you know, audacity doesn't crash any more!