I have the Lynx and it is Lucid...

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Alpha-3 on trial

It's now a week in and its all running sweetly.

Got the new look, themes, branding. Improved software centre has a habit of giving me a crash report whether it has crashed or not (??).

So far, very impressed. And it's only an Alpha...
  • Downloaded the Lucid Alpha 3 ISO image
  • Burned to CD using Brasero
  • Put it in the old Pentium 4 in the home-built plastic box with the spaghetti hanging out the back
  • Ran install
  • Ran update manager
Everything works out of the box;
  • Nvidia Ge-Force 440mx on the restricted drivers
  • Both sound cards - Intel in-board and the Creative Labs Sound Blaster
  • Wireless network dongle - Belkin 5770
Wednesday ran update manager and automatically got the new themes for Light - Ambience and Radiance. The samples didn't convince, but on screen... yes.