Monday, 22 March 2010

Linux Tech Survey

Why not take the Linux tech survey as which quite a few "youtubers" are answering and we've put in the Full Circle Podcast ep#3. Posted by Waqar M, alias "knowmorecomp" ( Text of the survey is at
1.When was the 1st time you actually heard of "Linux"
Some time in the mid-90's
2.Do you or have you ever used Linux? If yes, for how long?
All day everyday. 3 years now.
3.What was the 1st Linux distro you used?
4.How was your 1st time Linux experience?
Nightmare. I lacked the necessary PhD in astrophysics, heiroglyphs and telepathy to get anything working. Consulting the forums over dialup didn't cut it.
5.Do you agree that Linux can efficiently do all the daily computing tasks
an average user would do?

Yes. I can. I do.
6.What's you favorite Gnome Linux distro and why?
   Ubuntu. Maturity of distro. Size of community, level of support.

7.What's you favorite KDE Linux distro and why?
   I don't do KDE

8.What Linux desktop environment do you like?
9.Linux is.............A. Pro B. Noob C.Both
10.What are some of the things that Linux gives you that other OSes don't?
Freedom!! Choice. Lack of BS# from Redmond.
11.What is/are your favorite Linux application(s)?
Beside obvious Firefox and Open Office I use all the time; VLC and Audacity.
12.What are some things that you would like to be improved in Linux?
New user intros and guides (the manual project is coming along); any last traces of command-line usage for new users.
13.If those things are fixed would you switch to Linux (assuming you are don't use Linux as your primary OS)
I'm already there.

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