A New Suit

It's been about a month on the new blog platform. Well past the time to fix the hideous template I chose by default (they were all pretty hideous).

So now the Catling Mindwipe has gone Minima, with a few tweaks:
  • Fonts
  • Colours
  • Page element and graphic borders
These were all done through the Dashboard, Layout tools.

But more seriously...
I also took out the Blogger Navigation Bar. Why?
  1. It was at the top of my page.
  2. It looked hideous.
  3. It contained links and controls I seriously don't like.
Go on...
  • It spoilt my page design. Wrong lump, wrong place.
  • There's an orange blogger logo. With my colouring? I don't think so...
  • The Report Abuse link is a jokers' charter.
  • Next Blog: jump to a random blog. Really!! This blog is linked from various family friendly sites and you want me to randomly link to any old R-rated, blue, profane or neo-Nazi site, without controls???!! I really don't think so. The internet is full of God, sex and Star Trek and I'm not advertising any of them. Not on my time, pal.
  • It plasters my email address across every page. No. I have moderated comments. Thank you.
Rant over. Enjoy the new page design. RC