Skype on Ubuntu Karmic: broken or not?

Straw poll; is it just me or does Skype 2.1 beta not want to install consistently on Karmic? All I get is a descent into dependency hell over libqt4's...

My old antiques the JVC and the Compaq are both fine, not so the big Dell machine...

This is for both ubuntu and debian deb packages from the main Skype site.

All the old versions 2.0 and earlier have vanished.

I've got it working with the static version ( but a lack of decent instructions slowed things down. I was surprised all the solutions I found around the net were out of date. You unpack the tarball containing a pre-configured set of files and folders straight into your filesystem. Unfortunately this isn't a recognised install by apt or layers above, since you didn't run an install.

The plot thickens... My machines are supposed to be on identical installs of Karmic.

My repository sources list is identical as I copied from one to the other...

The Compaq now runs the 2.1 deb pkg and Skype Call recorder OOTB, as does the JVC. Not bad for 2 old relics. Not so the Dual-Core Dell, with circular complaints of QT-lib dependencies.

Any fans of Haiku poetry? RC
Of necessity,
with Skype still we endeavour;
Dependency hell.