Chromium Window Buttons by the Left

The saga is not quite done. If you were struggling to get your Lucid themes set-up and wondering why certain applications ignore the button layout in the New World Order, we can strike one from the snag-list.

The Chromium browser by default uses a traditional top-right button layout unchanged by Window control settings in gconf-editor or Ubuntu Tweak. Unless...

Chromium  has a little-known setting (at least to me) which overrides the default layout and defers to the system layout...
In the browser tab area (the blank bit next to the tabs, not on the tab-top itself), right click in the tab area and select “Use System Title Bars and Borders” to use the Ambiance window border and buttons.

Not only does this adopt the system theme, but re-positions the window controls to the left-sided button layout.

There's nothing like a bit of consistency...  RC