Desktop Configuration using Obconf

Button Order in LXDE/Openbox

Given the dust is settling on the whole left-button right-button debate, I've set my window controls to top-left on the Ubuntu machines (Karmic and Lucid) and thought I'd have a go on Lubuntu, which runs the LXDE desktop using Openbox.

There are only two configuration files located in ~/.config/openbox. They are named menu.xml and rc.xml. If users do not want to edit them by hand, they can do most of the configuration with an easy-to-use tool called Obconf, a GUI configuration editor for Openbox. It's available from the right-click menu anywhere on the desktop, as Openbox Configuration Manager.
It has eight tabbed pages of options, including Appearance which contains layout and front options. See Window Titles one-third down the tab. You get a very simple Button Order field which is key-coded to each control type. You just have to string the code-letters together in the desired sequence and they change immediately.

The default LXDE button order is: NLIMC
The new Ubuntu Lucid button order is: CIML

How much more simple can it be?! Gold star for Openbox.  RC