Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Extra themes for LXDE/Openbox

It's not a great default selection of themes in Lubuntu, but that's easily remedied.
You could go to Box-Look.org for extra Openbox themes. There is a fair selection, although Openbox being a lightweight window manager, it doesn't have the amount of eye-candy that Gnome or KDE have. I did find an early attempt at the Ubuntu Light (Ambience) theme, Ambiance Cold Box by GhostAssassin, which works.

I did discover from Urukrama's blog under the Openbox Guide there is a .deb package containing a stack of Openbox themes directly available from the Ubuntu repositories. This has been around since Ubuntu Hardy. A quick search in Synaptic on openbox-themes should bring up the package in the list. Mark for install, apply, then fire up Obconf Openbox Configuration Manager and you have a selection of extra themes, some of which are moe attractive than others.   RC


  1. Thanks for this post! I really needed some themes for Lubuntu. Now there's so many, I don't know which one to choose. I'm really loving the speed of LXDE in Lubuntu!

  2. Do Openbox themes work in Lubuntu? I haven't used LXDE before, but am considering trying it out with Linux Mint.

  3. The compliant ones do and as far as I know, they are sandboxed quite efficiently so that non-compliant themes don't break anything.

    As they are mostly small downloads, there's little harm in trailing a few. RC


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