Friday, 23 April 2010

Opinion: Backup Solutions

If you listened to Full Circle Podcast Episode #4, you'll have heard us talk about back-up solutions in response to a listener question.

Between the team, we covered Ubuntu One, Dropbox, good old TAR scripts (previously posted here), external hard drives, not forgetting Drobo, for a NAS backup experience. Crashplan is mentioned below and Simple Backup will be covered in a future post...

Make sure you have your backup strategy mapped out. This means periodic full backup, regular incremental backup and most importantly secure storage of an off-site copy; you can't beat a non-volatile, encrypted, read-only DVD copy at someone else's house...

A quick run-down of the back-up options in Episode #4:

Ubuntu One
The ubiquitous file-sync'ing and storage solution, if you trust it as a new platform in cloud computing. We may trust Canonical, do we trust the Cloud?

The mature  file-sync'ing and storage solution, again, in the Cloud. This means volatile and subject to the whim of whoever's hosting the Dropbox service this month.

Drobo courtesy of Data Robotics Inc.
A fancy NAS (Network Attached Storage) device with a bunch of backup software and the ability to mount mis-matched hard drives in a variety of RAID (redundant array) configurations.

Incremental Back-ups using TAR
My slightly low-tech solution to the problem 'backup everything changed since x date.'

Separate your Home Partition – Blog and Full Circle Magazine #15
Because you need to keep data and programs separate for so many reasons, don't get me started...

From Podcast listener Daryl, another commercial solution which has a Linux version (yayy!!):
Crashplan for Linux Automatic Online Backup - another Cloud backup service with a free and Pro (paid) version.



  1. Drobo is not a NAS!

    Drobo Share is though ;)

  2. I stand corrected; my knowledge of Drobo products is not what is should be...!


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