Gnome-mplayer on Lubuntu

"A media player for GNOME that uses MPlayer"
Lubuntu on the Compaq doesn't have Gnome on it but the player still works - so it really is lightweight. This is as stripped down and basic as it gets in a media player whilst still having a full set of functions and controls.

It plays anything you have a back-end for (CD audio, DVD, mp3, flac, ogg, digital and analogue TV). It supports plug-ins and emulation.

The interface is configurable, the controls are simple. There's no additional tagging, built in music stores, or library management. As long as you don't want to choose skins and other cosmetic froth and you can live with the default look of the thing, there's no more to do except play your media.

Guess what? I quite like it!  RC