Lubuntu and Mint Double Upgrade

A while ago, the Compaq Evo got upgraded to 1Gb memory and a 120Gb disk. I don't have all the music and virtual machines on it I used to, so there is enough space to use as a practical every-day machine and as a test bed for other distro's. So here it is, a dual-boot, double upgrade:
  • Lubuntu 10.04 Final
  • Linux Mint 9.0 'Isadora' Release Candidate
Lubuntu on Compaq Evo
I used an old version of PartEd Magic (4.6) to re-partition the disk, leaving the existing partition structure in place for Lubuntu (root, /home, /usr, /vmdata, /ext4data) but clearing a 50Gb chunk for a second OS.

I made sure Lubuntu still booted OK before I entered the commands for dist-upgrade in a terminal (there is no update manager in Lubuntu) in order to run the in-place upgrade for Lubuntu 10.04 Final.

It's not a huge download - the last Beta was light-weight and stripped down already, so the upgrade to Final took less than half-hour and ran without intervention.

As a distro, it remains as fast as ever. It's so lightweight, it's not to everyone's taste. PCManFM, the file manager is still an odd piece of kit. Drag-and-drop is inconsistent; there's no right-to-left pane drag-and-drop to move/copy (as far as I can get to work), but drag-and-drop between file manager windows and tabs is fine. Cut, copy, paste is OK. You have to adapt a little. Open Office runs fine, but I spend most of my time in Leafpad which is a perfectly adequate text editor for what I need. I have Gimp for graphics, with Firefox (no extensions) and Chromium running about the same speed, depending on what I want to do when I'm on-line.

It runs so well it has extended the working life of the Evo - not to mention the battery life, which has surprised me - enough for everyday use on the move.

Hang onto your hats for the Linux Mint 9 install.  RC