Saturday, 15 May 2010

Milestones on the Upgrade Trail

It wasn't the plan for this week, but I've now run in-place up-grades for three machines:
  • Lucid 10.04 on the JVC-mini
  • Lucid 10.04 on the Dell 6400
  • Lubuntu Final 10.04 on the Compaq Evo
and set-up a dual-boot with an extra distro:
  • Linux Mint 9.0 'Isadora' RC also on Compaq Evo
This is the first time I've run in-place upgrade in Ubuntu ever! I always prefered clean installs as more stable, secure and reliable. It seems I was wrong...

Lucid on the JVC-mini
Upgrading the JVC to Lucid 10.04 via the distribution upgrade option in Update manager was the easiest and fastest option.

778mb later - the uncompressed packages, fortunately - and I have a fully working Lucid instance. It took a while, the poor old thing has only a 500MHz processor.

Don't trust the progress bar in the updater; mine started at 'time remaining 2hr 58mins'. It eventually took a couple of hours, give or take. I left it to get on.

"Time remaining can go up as well as down" as they say in the financial services ads.

Lucid on the Dell 6400
So I took the plunge. Before I started, I actually copied all the Lucid packages from the JVC and dumped them all into the /var/apt/cache/archives folder on the Dell, which saved me downloading the whole lot again. The update / upgrade manager resolved what packages it had cached and what it needed to download (a few application and device libraries) which differed from the JVC. It reduced the time to upgrade to about an hour.

Source Unknown
My sources.list needed some work, as there were several thrid-party repositories in there which were marked 'disabled during upgrade' largely because they pointed specifically to karmic folders. A quick edit and refresh got the rest of the software updated (Tor, Sun Virtualbox and a handful of others)

I have two shiny Lucid desktops, with working wireless, media players, codecs, virtual machines and Ubuntu One.

More on upgrades in a later post.  RC

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