Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Xfce Task Manager in LXDE Lubuntu

This is a neat little utility with a configurable display of columns and filters, to display running processes by user type. Add, remove or sort the processes listed.

Of course, its a process manager, not a task manager; select a process and right-click and you will get a menu, Stop, Kill, Term, Continue and a sub-menu for setting priority...

Hover over the CPU and memory usage bars and you get tooltip display in %.

Not until I ran this did I see just how small the Lubuntu footprint is! Now if it would do some arithmetic and total the memory footprint of whatever selection I'm running it would be perfect.  RC


  1. I am more than happy to read a post about the Xfce task manager. You may not know, but I'm currently rewriting this application and a first beta is already available.

  2. I've pulled down the beta copy from the site; if I can manage to compile it during the week I'll see how it looks in Lubuntu. Thks, RC


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