Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Flood of Tech News from Google I/O

Full announcements on the YouTube Google I/O Channel.

From last week’s Google I/O developers conference (May 19-20), we tried not to explode with excitement at the following announcements:
  • Chrome web-store, 
  • WebM Video, 
  • Google Wave and Buzz open API's, 
  • Google-Storage
  • Google-TV

Following the media stream for this reminded me of when I used to attend events like this. Gezz-louise it was tedious. Ok, its an event for developers, largely or at least, developers promoted out of harms way into management.  The crowd only really warmed up when they were all given a free Evo phone. Otherwise it was tedious, or just embarassing when the jokes and the demos failed (frequently).
Short version with links - selected topics will be covered in depth soon:
  • Chrome Web Store up, but shelves are empty.
  • WebM, Google’s Open Video Format for HTML5, with overview. The format wars for web video in HTML5 - battle is joined.
  • Google Wave is now open to everyone. Suggestions what we use it for on a post-code, please...
  • Google Wave for Apps and New APIs. This will be for the group-ware/collaboration-ware market in the corporate space. Microsft Sharepoint move over, Google is coming to get you...
  • Google Storage for Developers. A cloud storage solution for developers. You boys might want to turn on some encryption for that. You wouldn't want anybody else peeking at your code, would you?
  • Google Buzz API released.
    “The Google Buzz API, a member of the Google Code Labs, is very much a work in progress — we intend to continue to iterate out in the open as we go along — and we hope the features we are making available today will help inspire developers and provide a solid foundation for new applications to be built,”
      DeWitt Clinton, from the Google Developer Team.
    Translation: 'Come build something on Buzz... pleeease??!!' 
  • Android 2.2 Froyo Is Lightning Fast. 
  • Google TV Set to Conquer the Living Room (no, really…). More on this soon.
  • HTC Evo, the not-yet-released 4G WiMax phone. Its a phone. A $449  phone.
I'll leave you to pick your way through the announcements if you go to the Google I/O channel on YouTube - check the show notes - but I warn you its a couple of hours of your life you'll never get back.

You can tell nobody sent me an Evo phone.  RC

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