Full Circle Side-Pod #2: A World Cup -free zone

This is an extra, irregular, short-form podcast, which is intended to be a side-branch of the main Full Circle Podcast. Be prepared for a healthy dose of British sarcasm.

News: It may or may not be HTML5, Nero sues MPEG-LA, Everyone patents Social Networking

Gaming: Red Dead Redemption and World of Goo

Expert Spot: Editing the Full Circle Podcast pt. 2: Recording

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Additional audio by Victoria Pritchard

Show Notes

1.01 | WELCOME and INTRO

2.40 | NEWS: Mixed bag of legal, fail and legal-fail.

Oh yes it is...
Apple's HTML5 Showcase (maybe...) ..

Oh no it isn't!
Apple's HTML5 Showcase Isn't HTML5 - Blocks Other Browsers

Yahoo Pulse takes on Buzz Aiming low in hope of beating something no one uses

Microsoft Secretly Installs Firefox Extension Through Windows Update

Nero sues MPEG-LA

Everyone Patents Social Networking
Amazon, Facebook, Friendster and my grandma head for a multiple pile-up in court.

12.58 | GAMING:

Ed: Red Dead Redemption on X-Box 360 with heckling by Dave

Dave: World of Goo with heckling by himself

16.07 | EXPERT SPOT: Editing the Full Circle Podcast - Part 2: Recording

22.59 | FEEDBACK: How to get in touch with us

22.27 | WRAP and OUTRO

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