Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Review: Ubuntu and Canonical Website Redesigns

I know it's not exactly breaking news, but I do want to point to the site re-designs for both Ubuntu and parent company Canonical. These are the shop-windows, after all and it's good to see that design and usability are taking front-and-centre stage. features the new branding, fonts and icons to usher in the next phase of Ubuntu design. The centre panel features a good slideshow to showcase the different aspects of Ubuntu as a platform. has gone for a classy stripped-back and highly-readable look with plenty of white-space (and lilac-space??)

It's a really good clean layout for a corporate site, with the menus and links well grouped. My only criticism of both is there's a lot of page falling below the fold (the point where you have to scroll down). This is the down-side, if you like, of trading white-space and readability for on-screen real estate. I haven't looked at these sites yet on a mobile device or the JVC in net-book display mode, I'm expecting a lot of scrolling.  I'll live with it!  RC

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