Friday, 18 June 2010

Ubuntu: 'We Stand for Something'

It's not often you can point to a software company which says:
"We stand for something

Not empty words or snappy jingles but something – a conviction that access to information should be fast, sophisticated, safe, reliable and entirely free. We stand for the very best operating system in the world, created by the expert few for the global many."
This is the statement which heads the Ubuntu Brand Guidelines page over at Canonical Design. I wish this was more prominently featured in the main Canonical Site...

As for the Brand Guidelines themselves, this is a classic piece of brand identification for PR and marketing purposes, nothing unusual in the commercial world but very useful in the disparate world of Free and Open Source Software.  RC
"The following guidelines have been designed to help all of us create a professional, powerful, precise and consistent brand identity that clearly communicates the Ubuntu values:

Please take the time to understand how to apply this correctly."

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