Friday, 16 July 2010

Full Circle Podcast #10: Trawling the Internet for a Goat Festival

Full Circle Podcast #10: Trawling the Internet for a Goat Festival
In this episode, the editors fight back.
  • This episode we are minus one Dave Wilkins who is away, but plus two guests. Esteemed editor of Full Circle Magazine Mr Ronnie Tucker is our co-host…
  • While Editor-in-Chief of Ubuntu Weekly News Letter is our guest, Ms. Amber Graner.
  • News: The usual collection of Maverick news, plus Gmailwatcher, Googlubuntu and Ubuntu on Android,
  • Opinion: Contributing articles to Full Circle Magazine with Ronnie Tucker
  • Interview: Amber Graner on Ubuntu Women, UWN and Open Source Goats…
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Additional audio by Victoria Pritchard and Philippa Hammond

Show Notes
02.30 | WELCOME and INTRO
  • Windows gaming, Ubuntu re-install [EH]
  • Articles and research for Full Circle and blog [RC]
  • Production of Full Circle #38 [RT]
5.42 | Review Issue #38 of Full Circle Magazine
10.21 | News
25:42 | Trailer
27:42 | Opinion
  • Contributing articles to Full Circle with editor Ronnie Tucker
45:00 | Contribute
45:40 | Interview: Amber Graner
Amber talks about:
1.05:54 | Feedback: Your comments and emails
1:11.50 | Send us feedback: since Vitoria continues to ask so nicely
1:12.24 | Outro and Wrap

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