Full Circle Podcast #9: Playing a Unicycle and the Trombone out now

Full Circle Podcast #9: Playing a Unicycle and the Trombone available now from the Full Circle Magazine Site.
In this episode, a little later than scheduled; Unity, Gnome-Shell and UNE go head to head.
  • News: Ubuntu in Business Event, More Maverick Development, Aptitude is out,
  • Games: Ed’s goes on a Steam-spree;  Dave ‘s second childhood with the Gameboy Emulator VGA.
  • Opinion: Gnome-Shell vs. Unity vs. UNE launcher
  • Interview: Part II of the Lubuntu Project
  • Q and A: Part III of Mark Shuttleworth’s sessions from UDS
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Additional audio by Victoria Pritchard
Show Notes

02.42 | WELCOME and INTRO


Ed: Tried Unity, tested Maverick 10.10, programmed in Python, played Windows Games via Steam! Microsoft FTW!
Dave: Messed with London, messed with the Nexus One Android phone, installed Lubuntu on an old PC.
Robin: Released Sidepod #2 (in case you hadn’t seen it), Setup VNC clients Vinagre and Xtightvncveiwer with Gnome-RDP. Canvassing any better Vinagre experiences – anyone?

08.26 | NEWS: More Maverick development
24.59 | INTERVIEW: Lubuntu Team interview Part II: Open Source in Asia
We play in part two of our interview with the Lubuntu team, or at least the part of it based in Viet Nam. So this is me trying not to ask too many ignorant questions of Mario Behling and Hong Phuc Dong.
33.42 | OPINION: Views on Gnome 3 (Gnome-Shell vs. Unity vs. UNE launcher)
* Trail  – Contributing articles to Full Circle – scheduled guest spot with Ronnie for Episode 10 – any questions to our feedback address or the forum thread.

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49.06 | GUEST SPOT: Q and A – Mark Shuttleworth at UDS – Unity, Server and the Cloud.

This is the last part of our audio playback from the Ubuntu Developer Summit. The Q and A session run by Mark Shuttleworth, founder and now design chief at Canonical, followed on from his keynote speech which we featured the last two episodes. In this set of edited highlights, Mark has a few more things to say about Ubuntu Unity, Server and the Cloud…
(Audio courtesy of Alan Pope)

All UDS session audio and video:
Audio: http://uds.ubuntu.com/audio/uds-m
Video: http://videos.ubuntu.com/uds/maverick/

1:01.14 | GAMING:
Ed -  Steam Deals of the Week : Bethseda: Crisis, Fallout 3, Morrowind

1:02.53 | Dave – Gameboy Advance Emulator – Visual Boy Advance
in the Ubuntu repositories or from: http://sourceforge.net/projects/vba/
Retro-games: Golden Sun, Golden Sun II and Metroid Fusion

1:09.39 Ed’s favourite is the N64 Emulator for running GoldenEye

A transcript of Dave’s review piece is attached as an Open Office Document for the sake of your sanity.

1:12.23 | FEEDBACK:

1:17.56 | WRAP and OUTRO

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