Man in an Ubuntu T-Shirt

Last month in my local coffee shop (Caffe Nerd), I picked up my de-caff cappuccino (no comments about my metro-sexuality, please; they don't know what that is in my corner of Hampshire) and headed for a window seat. 

The man walking up to the counter sported an Ubuntu t-shirt and hat. It was a complete shock. Aside from my pod-casting compatriot, Mr Dave Wilkins, I didn't believe anyone in this corner of Hampshire had even heard of Ubuntu, much less bought the t-shirt...

"Ubuntu! Good man!" I cried in passing. He smiled broadly.

That was it.

Being British, neither of us struck up a conversation. I was sitting in, he ordered a take-out. I stayed, he left, neither of us any the wiser as to our identity, interests or qualifications. That moment of recognition was enough.

We had found another member of the tribe.

One more thing...

Must buy an Ubuntu shirt. RC