Friday, 6 August 2010

On Original Podcasts

Define 'original.'
Tony Whitmore of Ubuntu-UK Podcast had a moment of existential angst  about the crowded linux podcasting space, so we all joined in to discuss what original podcasting means.

It's all been done somewhere, in style and/or content, or concept, going all the way back to 'the Light Programme.' If you're producing a magazine-style podcast, you're going to produce certain sections; the news, the opinion, the features and the 'regular columns.' Most likely in that order. Regardless of subject or expertise level. All you can do is put your own spin on it and have fun. All us 'imitators' make editorial choices and cover different items with our own opinion, entertaining (or not) our audience who may actually like multiple angles on the same subject.

'Similar' does not equal 'same.' Me, Tony and Dan Lynch are not Siamese triplets, thankfully.  RC

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  1. That's true, it's good to get different views on issues. And the way I see it, the more the online resources the better distributed the word of Ubuntu is.


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