Essential Link Shortening

Owing to the weird and slightly random #### the current version of Wordpress throws into the Full Circle Podcast posts, I've had to resort to some link shortening in order not to mess up the Atom feed for the show.

Why Link Shortening?
  • Easier to sms-txt or IM web-links
  • Keep within character-count limits of Twitter and other social media
  • Prevent conventional web addresses contaminating your content management system or breaking your web pages
Thanks to Rob K our sysadmin, I introduce to you a free and open source link-shortening script, powered by Phurl...

"Phurl is a free, clever, and easy to use PHP URL shortening system. In just 5 minutes, you can get your very own URL shortener set up and working. The script comes packed with a ton of features which you won't find in other scripts... Since the script was started in 2007, our developers have constantly worked to improve and amend the script, fixing any bugs as soon as we can."
You'll need a server on which to run it and store the translation table for your shortened links to persist.

Phurl Features
  • Simple, easy and neat interface.
  • Basic admin panel to view, search for, and delete shortened URLs.
  • Notification of new version of Phurl via admin panel.+
  • Shorten URLs using an alias generated by the script, or enter a custom alias.
  • Browser Bookmarklets included for one-click shortening.
The current version of Phurl is version 2.3.3 BETA. Work and alpha testing is in progress on Phurl 2.4 BETA, which is expected to be released by August.

Other Link shorteners are available...
  • TinyURL
Trouble is...
For those chasing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) coverage, page rank, and profit, shortening a link to a random but unique short string will actually take away the SEO keyword benefits found within the link address text, both from search engines and human readers.  RC