Maverick Upgrade Manager in Deadly Embrace

Having installed Maverick Alpha-3 from the ISO image, you'll naturally want to run Update Manager.

UM ticks through the package list and offers a Partial Upgrade; if you take it, Upgrade Manager gets itself in a twist and the operation won't complete. If you do get it to complete, you will find it's removed a bunch of packages it shouldn't and introduced version conflicts in a host of others.

If you close it and try to run an normal update, UM goes through the process and declares all 551 packages to be unauthenticated and refuses to run. It then offers a Partial Upgrade!

Remember, we are still in Testing. Don't mess with it if you're not into the mystery, intrigue and pain of trying an Alpha release. However, if you are...

There is a thread on the Ubuntu Forums which advises against UM in Maverick Testing.
"Update Manager Offers a "Partial Upgrade"? Read This.
During the past few Ubuntu development cycles, we've been flooded with threads asking for assistance related to issues caused by careless usage of the "Partial Upgrade" feature of Update Manager, which hinted to a poor understanding of package management and the way updates happen in the development branch.

In an effort to help with this situation, this document aims to clarify what a "Partial Upgrade" is, and why, in most cases, you'll want to avoid it."
Instead, open a terminal:
sudo apt-get update
which skips over a lot of UM spaghetti and does the update!

So the conclusion? As Ranch Hand says in the thread:
Just don't use UM, do not run apt-get dist-upgrade unless you know what it is doing (check in synaptic) and wait a few days and everything will have caught up (probably). Good things happen for those who wait.  RC