Full Circle Podcast #12: Dave's Nocturnal Desires

Full Circle Podcast #12: Dave's Nocturnal Desires is available from the main site
In this episode, those Meerkats go Maverick. We look over Ubuntu 10.10.
Podcast [61:45m]:
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  • Windows Phone 7 (Windows-Mobile-Phone-Series-7-Phone-thing) vs. Android. Guess which one we like...
  • Ubuntu Maverick Questions! [Section led by Ed]
  •   Favourite New Features?
  •   Hated New Features/Changes?
  •   Problems?
  •   How did you upgrade?
  •   Using Shotwell or Gimp?
  •   Like the new font?
  •   Like the new installer?
  •   Recommend to more users?
  •   Best release so far?
  •   Any other thoughts...