Google Android to Overtake Apple iOS

Developers see Google's Android operating system surpassing Apple's

A majority of developers believe Google's Android operating system - not Apple's iOS - will be the dominant platform in the future to power everything from smartphones to touch-screen refrigerators, according to a recent survey.

While independent software writers are enthusiastic about creating apps for Apple's iOS mobile operating system, and see it as the most financially viable platform now, they view Android as the long-term winner in terms of market share...

Appcelerator and IDC ran a survey of 2,400 developers, 72% favoured Android as "best positioned to power a large number and variety of connected devices in the future," while only 25 percent said iOS will rule the new device world. 3% were either alseep, entertaining themselves at home or too busy building Atari emulators to answer the survey.

Nearly 56 percent of developers said they favored Android as a platform to make money, against 37 percent in the iOS camp, writing for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad tablet.

Just look at the numbers.

Yes, Apple has a large market share of apps right now. But its just one company and one that ring-fences it's platforms for it's own exploitation. Including developers.

By the end of this year, the Android operating system is expected to leapfrog all the competing mobile systems, not just Apple's, but RIM and Microsoft's Windows 7 and Phone 7 in global popularity and you don't need Gartner to tel you that.

The world and his grandma are releasing Android phones and tablet pc's across all the major telecoms carriers. Android is the most open platform with open licensing.

Apple's iOS may have the temporary lead for now, but market saturation is going to change that. Expect developers to switch horses when various new paid app stores for Android are launched, despite the fact that the Android platform is in danger of fragmenting and device specs vary.  RC