Meerkats United

(...was the name of a BBC wildlife show a few years ago that popularised the Meerkat over here)

I have now made the jump to Ubuntu 10.10 on the main machine. I have to say its the smoothest upgrade I've ever done in my entire Linux life.

Bear in mind that I have a disk partitioning scheme with 11 partitions including a separate /home partition, so all I had to do was format / and /usr and specify the same mount-points for everything else. Happily, no configuration file clashes...

Of course I've had to do a spring-clean of software versions, but after 6 months, I'd do this anyway. Upgrades include:
  • Truecrypt
  • Virtualbox 3.2.10 - the Sun/Oracle version. It's free for now, but we'll see what the corporate bandits do with it. If the OSE version had reliable USB support I'd be right there.
My plus and minus points:

+ No nVidia graphics isues. It just works.
+ Networking works. It just works.
+ Software Centre really coming into its' own. Double-click a .deb file to install and there it is, taking care of business.
+ Revised sound control - sweet.
+ Indicators. Looking good.

- Unsettling wierdness of the new font in hi-res.
- Lacklustre GDM login. I want an entrance worthy of the rest of Ubuntu.
- No Chromium browser by default
- PiTiVi installed by default - really, it should be Openshot.

It's fast on the test box and in a VM, it's surprisingly fast running native on the Dell. 10.10 is the version we should have got at 10.04, but I'm not complaining. Cheers and applause to the whole Ubuntu team. Success!!  RC