Motorola vs Apple in Battle of the Bulge

Motorola launches pre-emptive strike against Apple patents.

Motorola may yet come to HTC's rescue by seeking to invalidate the very patents with which Apple is currently suing HTC.

As explained in the brief, Motorola believes that it will face a patent infringement suit from Apple covering the same patents cited in the HTC case. If the best defense is attack, the Motorola is seeking to overturn the very basis of the case before it can be brought against them.

I have two issues with the whole litigation web.

One, thanks America, you just paralyse yourselves, now can we get on with some innovation in the rest of the world?

Two, there's maybe a hundred people on the planet capable of untangling this lot, mostly US Federal and Supreme Court judges. I'm not one of them. Capable, but not certain. Maybe not in our lifetime. You would think at some point somebody has to call 'enough.' But that would have to be the US congress passing reforms to US patent law. It'll never get through.  RC