Releasing Full Circle Podcast #12

This week, real life got in the way of the blog. Again.

So no time to reflect on the release of Episode 12.

The segment edits for #12 went ok; very fast. Either I'm getting better or less fussy (or less patient, which amount to the same). But I think I lost the plot assembling the segments Friday night. Which Ed queried, as it was a short recording...

It teaches me for doing things on-the-fly and not planning my work...

What else it teaches me:
  • I need to bear in mind keeping the show duration to 1 hour or less, otherwise the edits take forever.
  • I need a way to keep segments to 14min chunks, even if we artificially insert breaks. I'm thinking of YouTube in the first instance (although I should probably be thinking first of the audience.
  • I need to be more ruthless in the edit and go back to plotting the segments, with timings, against the running order. What we intend to record isn't always what we get. Dave is very good at throwing in unscheduled asides. Valuble asides, but off-plan.
  • I need to listen back to the show after a pause to reflect once it's finished. I can never make a good assessment on the day of editing.