Tangled Web of Social

Just wanted to highlight this wee diagram I came across while I was scouring the news sites for nuggets.

It's a high-level chart of interfaces and API's that exist between various social networking/collaboration/blogging/sharing sites. Send it, suck it, scrape it,  or shake it, all our collective words pictures videos are constantly on the move. As a snapshot, it's not new and it's certainly not complete. But it does illustrate a couple of things...

One: Wordpress and Twitter are the leaders in openess, while Gmail is the black hole with the inescapable gravity-well into which everything tumbles.

Two: aggregation and syndication are head-and-tails of the coin. Your data are never at rest. I'm constantly surprised where these blog-posts turn up, it's turned into a bit of a pastime to search on a topic I've covered and see how many robots have indexed it to within an inch of my life.

Three: I don't actually recognise some of those logos! I suppose I should, but while they're all house-hold names (or geek-hold names), they're not yet house-hold brands. Perhaps that says more about me; either I'm not as much of a geek as I thought or I'm even less sociable than I realised. RC