Sunday, 31 October 2010

UDS Orlando Keynote

Well worth watching Mark Shuttleworth's opening keynote to the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando last week. Mark outlines the roadmap not only for the 11.04 version, but positions Ubuntu in the software landscape in general. Clearly still a man with ambition and vision.

Always an engaging and entertaining speaker, Mark addresses a room with the kind of confidence that few people can muster. This is a man who has actually seen the Earth from space.

Admittedly he is speaking to the faithful; it's a small gathering of people he can address by name, share the in-jokes with a group of employees sponsored hacks friends.

And for all the talk of building community, you know full well this is still the benevolent dictator for life. Ubuntu 11.04 coming with Unity interface in place of Gnome? Don't like it? Tough, that's where it's going...

Watch the full speech. Top-and-tailed by the Ubuntu 'ad'.  RC

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