Modern Life

Forgive me, father, it's been two weeks since my last blog post.

Modern life got in the way again.

[Insert four-letter word here]


Need I say any more...

I've spent the last two weeks effectively working free-lance and trapped in various sound-proofed rooms with up to 500 people for 13 hours a day, staying away from home with the smalll laptop and no broadband and no wi-fi. On the technology front I feel I have achieved little.

But wait...

The lifesaver is the HTC Wildfire. I don't claim to be a phone addict ( I used to tell clients "I don't do phones" - despite having outsourced a call centre and re-jigged three customer service departments). I don't do gadgets for the sake of it. I think most technology is over-hyped and under-delivers. However, I can't believe I was so far behind the curve for so long that I didn't get a smart-phone sooner. As a free-lancer on the move, its an essential tool. Mobile email and internet with GPS and maps on top of SMS. How did I get by without it?

As next year promises to be busier, I don't even want to contemplate it.

Welcome to modern life.  RC