Ubuntu's First Commercial

If you haven't seen the first 'official' Ubuntu brand commercial, take a minute to do so.

The animation is very good; bouncy, happy, bright and snappy. I like the visuals.

I'm just not convinced about the message.

It tries to answer the question What is Ubuntu?

And completely fails. Utterly.

It assumes a certain level of tech-geekness. It tries to push Ubuntu without mentioning or making any comparison with the competition (because it daren't).
  • Ubuntu is an Operating System. What's an operating system?
  • It's fast. Ok.
  • It's open. As opposed to what? What's open about it?
  • It's safe. In what way? My toddler's not going to slash his throat with it?
  • It runs on Desktops. Not laptops and netbooks?
  • It runs on Servers. And?
  • It runs in the Cloud. What's a cloud? Why to I care?
  • There's a corporate puff for Canonical support and consulting. So now we're flogging two products not one.
  • Get a CD and try it. Where? How?
Just what audience is this aimed at? And where will they ever see it? As a feel-good back-slapping exercise for the converts, it's great. For anything else? Meh.  RC