Full Circle Podcast #14: NFC: Nantucket Fried Chicken

Full Circle Podcast #14: NFC: Nantucket Fried Chicken is available form the main site

In this episode, Narwhals, Wayland and… I almost forgot, Amnesia

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Your Hosts:

Additional audio by Victoria Pritchard

Show Notes
01:55 | WELCOME and INTRO

  • Dave – Failing to test Banshee, playing with Shotwell, Simple Scan is his new scanner app, with better printer compatibility. Playing Amnesia, Penumbra
  • Robin – working, travelling, relying on the HTC Wildfire for SMS, email, maps and my alarm clock! Playing with Kubuntu on the Compaq – and it’s fast!! Intalling 11.04 Natty Narwhall. Aarrrgghhh!!!!
  • Ed got UbuntuOne working. Switched to Google Chrome
12:26 | Review Issue #43 of Full Circle Magazine
  • Dave – Games review of And Yet it Moves, My Desktops
  • Ed – the Conky review
  • RC – Top 5 Backup ideas (list look familiar?). P4: fridge runs Linux!
17:42 | News
52:35 | Contribute

53:02 | Gaming
1.07:12 | Feedback: Your comments and emails

1.16:31 | Send us feedback: since Victoria continues to ask so nicely

1.17:10 | Outro and Wrap