Friday, 10 December 2010

Full Circle Side-pod Episode #6: Just Filling In

In this episode, Ubuntu 11.04, Alpha-1, on trial; Opinion fightback on MacBuntu - Why? And final art of Editing the Podcast series: Post and Packing, Finalising, posting and releasing the show.

This episode comes with some visual content via YouTube...

REVIEW: Ubuntu 11.04, Natty Narwhal Alpha-1 Installer
OPINION: MacBuntu (Why?) fightback
REVIEW: Ubuntu 11.04, Natty Narwhal Alpha-1 Unity Desktop
  • A walkthrough the Unity desktop - where it works - kind-of!    
  • See the accompanying video on YouTube
EXPERT SPOT: Editing the Full Circle Podcast: Part 5 - Post and Packing
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Running Time: 23minutes 57seconds
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