Opinion - the 'Mac-buntu' fightback

Ronnie got some correspondence regarding my article in Full Circle magazine: MacBuntu: Why? (aka Desktop Identity Crisis here) in which I criticised the Mac and Windows 7 fanboys for dressing up their Linux desktops as OS-X or Windows 7. 

Why, when we have perfectly functional and attractive Linux desktops on Gnome, KDE, Xfce and others, would you want to pretend to be using Mac or Windows desktops, even down to the Apple and Microsoft logos?

Particularly when the transformation packs and themes offer only cosmetic adjustment to the look of the said linux desktops and not the actual operation of such. It's still a Linux computer!

Anyhow, Warvault was sufficiently agitated to write in attacking me for attacking them, incensed that I might want to restrict anyone's free choice. I was doubly chuffed (that's a UK English vernacular term meaning 'pleased') since:
  1. Warvault was sufficiently motiviated to write in
  2. They also referred to me as an 'angry young person.' As a slightly grumpy ageing curmudgeon, I'll take angry and young as compliments.
Well, here's the thing. Far from questioning anyone's right to free choice in what they use and how they choose to make it look, I am all for it. Go at it. Knock yourselves out. 

What I question is the dubious taste in cosmetic surgery - the equivalent of breast implants and stick-on designer labels over a perfectly good original - the Linux desktop does not function as a Mac or Windows pc and is, in my opinion, superior to both in form and function and freedom. Mac and Windows are not free or open software. Why can't every Linux user proudly proclaim their choice of operating system on the desktop and at any other opportunity?  RC


  1. i had macbuntu for a couple of months but have gone back to original .if you want to change the look install something like bisigi as it has wonderfull themes


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