10 Brainstorm Ideas Hitting Natty

Among the news stories in Full Circle Podcast #15 we discussed 10 Brainstorm ideas hitting Natty.

Brainstorm is the ideas wiki which nobody at Ubuntu appeared to be looking at until the Ubuntu Technical Board reviewed the most popular ideas a couple of weeks ago and CTO Matt Zimmerman published on his blog the first of what will be quarterly batches of 10 ideas to come under scrutiny, with an official response.

Among those likely to happen, the first batch consisted of:
~ Power management
~ Networking IP address conflicts
~ Default username login
~ Icons for dead packages
~ Time clock over internet
~ System Monitor detail added
~ Closure messages in Unity
~ Software Center – removal of config files with packages
~ Ubuntu One progress indicator.
~ Performance improvements for media types

You can derive from various responses that Ubuntu "should not require the user to make several (difficult) choices," (Amit Kucheria) and  "it should just work."

We wait to see just how these get implemented in (11.10 for the pessimists and who knows, maybe...) 11.04. RC