Friday, 14 January 2011

Atom feed fails in Rhythmbox

A listener to the Full Circle Podcast  gave us a heads-up that  the fullcircle .ogg podcast feed can't be added to Rhythmbox. This is the Atom feed for .ogg audio, our RSS  handles only the .mp3.

It's not just us, so I can't blame Podpress. I've tried around a dozen Atom feeds in the Rhythmbox audio player now and every time I getthe error message:
There was a problem adding this podcast: Unable to parse the feed contents.  Please verify the URL: Would you like to add the podcast feed anyway?
Selecting 'yes' lists the feed but feeds nothing.

Just looking at the headers in the RSS vs Atom feed file, there are small but significant differences, hence the parsing error. I'm guessing Rhythmbox' XML parser isn't configured for Atom, but I haven't found anything to confirm that. Seems like a strange omission. I may go put this to the developers... RC

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