France Imposes Levy on Tablets But Excludes Windows

The French government is to impose Levy on Tablets, But Not if They Run Windows

The existing copyright protection levy is imposed on devices that might be used for content piracy. Clearly Windows devices are never used for piracy, then, M. Sarkozy? 

The tax would apply to any iPad or Android-based device, but apparently Windows tablets won't be counted, since classify as full computers. The French-based Archos is among those storming the barricades since it is producing Android-based tablets and doesn't like the fact that its' own government seems to be giving preferential treatment to an American company.

I can't beat Thom Holwerda's summary:
"The content industry is special and needs to be protected against the regular workings of the free market. In other words, silly levies like this ensure that the content industry can continue to not innovate and to not deliver what customers want, which is vitally important for gobbledegook keyboard button calculator humpty-dumpty bazinga."