'Fuduntu' Distro Released

A new distro named Fuduntu has been released. It's a Fedora remix in an Ubuntu-stylee. It's not an official Fedora or Ubuntu release.

As lifted from the Fuduntu About page:
Fuduntu earns its name by its design to fit somewhere in-between Fedora and Ubuntu.  It is a Fedora remix optimized for Netbook and other portable computers.

Some of the tweaks found in Fuduntu:
  • Linux Kernel 2.6.37
  • CGroups shell tweak
  • Deadline IO scheduler
  • /tmp and /var/log moved to RAM disk
  • Swappiness reduced to 10
  • Jupiter for power savings
  • Gnome default desktop tweaks
  • Misc power and performance tweaks
A few of the default packages found in Fuduntu:
  • Adobe Flash
  • Fluendo MP3 Codec
  • Likewise Open
  • Infinality Freetype
  • Nautilus Elementary
  • OpenOffice
  • Thunderbird
  • GIMP
  • Jupiter
  • VIM Enhanced
First thing I thought: doesn’t FUD stand for ‘Fear Uncertainty and Doubt’? RC


  1. As my friend said to me a few minutes ago, FUD stands for Fuduntu Unified Distro. :D LOL

    Thanks for the mention!


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