Kno Dual-screen Ubuntu-based tablet

The dual-screen Ubuntu-based tablet the ‘Kno’ is to ship this month.

It's a tablet PC, it runs Ubuntu and it has a double-screen! It's the Kno. Or if you're a KDE user, maybe that's the K-No? Or if youre in rehab, just say No? I don't really know. What I do know about the Kno is it has yet another really daft name.

Designed for the education market to replace traditional teaching aids such as textbooks and notepads with one toolit, there will also be a Kno bookstore stocked with cheaper E-textbooks. Demo models feature a custom interface running on Ubuntu 9.10, which will hopefully stay up-to-date...

It looks promising, the dual-screen 'book' model and the single-screen tablet use 14.1 inch screens. However, will a Tegra processor and 512meg of RAM be good enough to drive full colour dual displays? And will a $599 and $899 price tag really cut it in the education market? Not without substantial discounting I'd venture.

Technical specs for the Kno:
  • Tegra T200 running at 1 GHz
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 16 to 32 GB storage
  • Two 14.1″ screens
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, Accelerometer, Microphone, Headphones jack, Ambient light sensor, etc.
  • 6 hour battery


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