Natty Broke My Gnome

If the whole Unity graphics issue on Ubuntu 11.04 wasn't annoying enough, we get yet more stability issues even if you select Ubuntu Classic desktop. This takes you into Gnome. Sort of.

On both my setups (or at least on the 11.04  virtual machine I have left - I wiped 11.04 on the Pentium-4) entering a Gnome session produces a random number of program crashes. Between 1 and 8 gnome desktop elements crashes with an error dialog. I suppose the good news is they crash gracefully and offer to reload.


Roll on Alpha-2, February 3rd. RC


  1. Same issue here, both under Gnome and Unity, though in my case the UI never even comes up, just the crash notifications.

    I only have this problem on my desktop (a 2007 Mac Pro with a Radeon 2600XT); Natty Alpha 3/Unity works with no trouble on my laptop (HP nc2400 with onboard Intel graphics).


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