Sunday, 9 January 2011

Natty Nvidia Graphics Implode Again

I spoke too soon. Natty Alpha-1 lasted one re-start and the Nvidia graphics on the Pentium-4 imploded AGAIN.

Having dist-upgraded yesterday and updated today, I get a video mode not supported message that won't go no matter what you do with it, and only classic desktop safe mode gives me anything usable. Any other mode crashes the gnome-panel and window manager so you get nothing running at all. Terminal sessions run, but invisibly.

Do what you like with xorg, it makes no difference. And nothing I can do with grub either; at least, not in the timeframe I've got to fix it.

Much as I'd love to do more testing, this is a bit of a rum do...

I've said already this Alpha is the worst crock of #### of an Alpha I've had the misfortune to install. Quite how we've got it running on a virtual machine on VBox and not on established physical hardware, I have no logical explanation. However, given the amount of legacy kit the Ubuntu community runs, I'd expected a better job of QA than this. Nvidia 4800 grafx is not so outlandish a requirement. I know it's not just me.

I've now wiped the Alpha from the physical box and don't expect to waste any more time on it until at least the 11.04 final Beta. The VM, on the other hand appears to work fine...  RC

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