Novell Patent Destination

OS-news has unearthed more evidence that the fight against Google and Android is getting dirty. The company that bought a stack of Novell patents is a consortium which includes not just Microsoft but EMC, Oracle and Apple.

With mobile internet is clearly the growth market as far as the horizon and todays 400-pound gorillas want it...

Remember that Apple and Microsoft are both suing HTC for patent infringement, with HTC signing a patent agreement with Microsoft to head off litigiation while the Apple case continues. How curious that  Apple should target Android specifically, whilst avoiding any reference to Windows Mobile devices from HTC - even though the alleged patent breaches should equally apply to Windows Mobile.

With Oracle doing its best to acquire as much intellectual property as it can with who knows what long-term strategy, this looks like the old IT mafia calmly sitting around the table whispering "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."  RC