Full Circle Podcast 16: Its Probably Plugged into a Tree

Full Circle Podcast #16: Its probably plugged into a tree

In this VERY late and LONG DELAYED episode (blame Catling), Firefox versus Chrome-Ium.

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  • Dave - Tried the Picassa Linux client, which is very WINE-ey. Went to Opera. The musical performance, not the browser.
  • Ed - Left Facebook, appeared briefly on Google Latitude. Installed Windows XP on his netbook. Hmm.
  • Robin - Tweeting, updating the Natty 11.04 Alpha and got a bastardised Unity-Gnome panel desktop like Jeff Goldblum in "The Fly". Installed DropBox. Got in touch with Hacker Public Radio.
Opinion Firefox versus Chrome (-ium): what are we using, which is better?

Opinion Gtalk and Text Editors.

Review Pre-review of Amazon Kindle. 

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