Friday, 25 March 2011

Network One Graphics Nil

So I downloaded the latest ISO of Natty Alpha-3, put it on the Pentium-4 and still had 272Mb of updates to run immediately after! This thing is in so much flux, I'm not sure anyone can keep up with it.

The good news is the wireless network is back, aided by my swapping out a duff USB-2 cable which caused most of the drop-out. However, now Samba-shares don't work. You get a connection in or out, but as soon as you transfer a file, the thing just times out. Which is odd given that it worked for about five minutes right after setup....

Of course, there's still no Unity on this machine with it's Nvidia graphics, but at least I get full 1400 by 900 resolution graphics this time.

I thought for the sake of sanity I would wipe and re-create my Natty Virtual machine on the Dell. Under the VBox Guest Additions, this was looking very good, complete with Unity in 1400 by 900 resolution - until I ran the same setup of updates from the repo's.

Now Unity has stopped working on the VM and the best screen res. I can get is 1024 by 768. With or without the VBox Guest Additions. And it won't hold onto a theme. And I'm back to this bizarre Gnome-Unity hybrid in Classic mode. Sometimes. Which is better than having no Unity and no panels at all if you go into standard Desktop mode.

It's not going well. The countdown to release now says 34 days. RC

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