Friday, 25 March 2011

Not so Natty Networking

Can you hear the sigh of despair from where you are? Natty Alpha-3 just fell over, big time.

Thinking the network stack was running worse than usual - the usb wireless dropping very two minutes or less - I decided to reinstate the windows wireless drivers for the Belkin adapter. I followed my own instructions to the letter...

On reboot; nada. No connection. So I unplug and replug the Belkin, the green light flashes then stops, as it should. I click on the networking icon in the tray, select my wireless and within seconds - BAMM!!

Screen full of text including "General Protection Fault" - and a complete, stop. Train wreck. Nothing to do but reset.

The Nouveau graphics drivers also get a dishonourable mention in dispatches in the list of crashes, memory address faults and general mayhem, but I'm not sure if this is a cause or a symptom.

I have yet to fix this, the latest in a long, long line in Alpha issues. I'm thinking it.s never going to be ready. RC

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