Toshiba Powerdown Peril

The most recent upgrade to Lubuntu 10.10 on the Tosh Satelite 2610 went well enough until I tried to turn it off. The only way to power it off was to pull the battery and the cable.

A previous Linux distribution as well as Windows 2000 both powered the system off correctly. Evidently I was missing something in the GRUB boot parameters so it powers down.

Being no expert on Grub2 (or even Grub original), a quick search through the forums provided multiple answers; the second worked perfectly...

Changes were made in /etc/default/grub to the line

which now has the options:
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="reboot=warm and acpi=force"

Remember you need root privileges to edit the file and a root terminal to update the Grub2 boot options for start-up. Activate with:
sudo update-grub

We now have a compliant power-up and power-down laptop again. RC