Sunday, 17 April 2011

DEX Launch: Debian Derivative Exchange

Debian Derivatives Exchange project launched

A new start-up project aimed at Debian and its derivatives getting things done together has been launched in an effort to stop the finger-pointing, finger wagging and complaining among the Debian branch of Linux distributions. Such is the fractious nature of debate concerning the 'down-stream' projects lack of contributions to the code-base of the 'up-stream' parent, in particular, the Ubuntu Linux distro' from Canonical, some of the most respected figures in Linux have got together to do something about it...

"Stefano Zacchiroli and Matt Zimmerman launched a new project called the Debian dErivatives eXchange project (DEX). The main goal of this project is to reduce the technical differences between Debian and its derivatives. The first such group is the Ubuntu DEX Team, which aims to start integrating packages and changes available in Ubuntu back into Debian. A gNewSense DEX Team is also expected soon."
The Debian Project invites all Debian based distributions and other projects to join the DEX project and work together on a common base." ( RC

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