Event: OGG Camp 11

OggCamp 11 is taking place on the weekend of August 13 & 14, 2011
Postcode: GU9 7QR 

OggCamp 11 is a two-day technology festival bringing together the most interesting people from the Linux, Open Source and Hardware Hacking communities to share their passion and knowledge on all things geeky in a barcamp-style atmosphere.

OggCamp 11 is a two-day unconference where technology enthusiasts come together to exchange knowledge on a wide range of topics from Linux and open source software to building home automation systems. Now in its third year, the event is steadily growing and attracting interesting speakers from all over the UK, the rest of Europe and even the US. Since OggCamp is an unconference, speaking schedules are set on the first day and everyone is free to propose a talk themselves. You are of course free to come along and just listen to other people's talks but we strongly encourage everyone to take part and talk on something they are passionate about in technology.

Today, OggCamp stands for a completely community-based conference organised by and for technology geeks.

Now in its third year, the conference is going stronger than ever. With OggCamp 11, we are looking to bring you even more speakers, a bigger venue and as always a fun-packed weekend including a joint live show of both podcasts. There might even be one of our famous raffles again...

Admission is free, but please register at Eventbrite if you are planning to attend. That way we know roughly how many people to expect.

The venue can be reached via train from London in around 40 minutes and has its own car park. There are several hotels and other accommodation options close by and there even has been talk of taking the name of the event literally and organising a camping area.